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How can I change the color of my BMX?

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There's no way of customizing your BMX color like you do with your car trough Los Santos Customs. Although there's a glitch you can do for this.

Check out this YouTube video, or follow the steps below.


  1. Open Internet Browser app on your cellphone in-game. [screenshot]

  2. Search for "Pandm" which is the website where you can purchase bicycles in the game (pandmcycles.com). Or select the "Travel and
    " tab at the Home Screen. [screenshot]

  3. Select BMX but don't press "Order" yet.

  4. Now press the "Home" button. [screenshot]

  5. In the Home Page press "Travel and Transport", enter "Legendary Motorsports" website and search for the "Truffade
    ". [screenshot]

  6. Choose the color of the "Truffade Z-Type", which will then reflect on your BMX color. Do not press order. [screenshot]

  7. Click on the Search History button. Go back to the bike details. [screenshot]

  8. Select Order BMX. [screenshot]

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